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Project Manager | Astrophile | Artist Manager | Music Lover


About Me.

A Project manager with 5 years of diverse experience in operations, content creation, Music marketing and relationship management. Worked with global teams, brands and renowned artists. Highly Analytical, detail-oriented and excels under pressure. 


Throughout my career as a project manager, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a wide range of small businesses and renowned brands across the United States. Immersed in their operations, I've gained a profound understanding of the challenges they encounter. This made me realize that my true passion lies in finding innovative solutions that drive growth and efficiency. The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a paradigm shift in the realm of ecommerce. This unprecedented situation presented me with an invaluable opportunity to explore the essential requirements for businesses to thrive and adapt, especially when it comes to scaling operations effectively.


In addition to my full time job, I have a great passion for the entertainment industry, and I am always seeking to learn and expand my knowledge. I have a YouTube channel with 150k subscribers and more than 20M views that features music videos with local artists. This show has been featured in many regional and national newspapers, and I take pride in the fact that the artists I work with have gained significant exposure and are now thriving in their careers.

As a trained digital marketer, I have a unique perspective when it comes to promoting music and reaching the right audience. I manage “PVNS Rohit” , a highly talented singer who was the finalist in the critically acclaimed music show “Indian Idol”. Additionally, I also worked with upcoming artists like MC Hari, Rowdraa, Band Capricio, Jammers and many more regional artists.

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Work Experience

2019 - Present


Project Manager

Project Manager (Jul 2022 - Present)

  • Operational Planning: Developed data-driven plans, ensuring client alignment and cost-effectiveness, driving scalability and business impact.

  • Project Coordination: Managed end-to-end operations, optimizing procurement, vendor relations, and distribution, improving efficiency. 

  • Analysis: Implemented data analytics, tracked project metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

  • Vendor Management: Sourced global vendors, negotiated contracts, monitored performance, and identified cost-saving opportunities. 

Client Operations Manager (OCT 2020 - Jul 2022)

  • Client Growth Management: Cultivated strong relationships, delivering exceptional service, driving satisfaction and opportunities to grow client accounts sustainably. 

  • Performance Talent Development: Provided leadership, fostering growth and enhancing project execution for team success.

2017 - Present



  • Scaled YouTube channel to 150k+ subscribers and 20M+ views, driving growth for musicians.

  • Secured essential funding, expanding opportunities for musicians.

  • Coordinated music release across platforms, amplifying reach and impact.

  • Led impactful campaigns, generating recognition and national media coverage.

2018 - 2019


Account Management Associate

  • Establish and maintain productive working relationships with high volume sellers in NA marketplace.

  • Identifying process and policy issues that might impact a seller account and provide consultation to minimize issues.

In my spare time, I am fascinated by astronomy and enjoy listening to podcasts and Indian classical music. These hobbies keep my stress levels low and help me maintain a balanced approach to life.


If you are looking for assistance with YouTube channel consultation, music video creation, music releases and marketing, I am here to help. Let's connect and explore how we can collaborate to achieve great things together!

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